Reminders and info for co-vendors and clients:

DJs are expected to go upstairs. The building was designed this way. The loft is a designated area for them. The loft space can not be used for anything other than DJ space during a wedding due to insurance purposes. Exceptions include ADA or other health related reasons, prohibiting the DJ from physically getting upstairs, or very small weddings less than 100 people. If you choose to go off-list, it is your job to make assure the DJ will go upstairs before you book them. Our building does not require massive equipment. We do not provide a table. We do not provide extension cords or linens for DJ. Professionals should come equipped.

***DJs must be insured and show proof of insurance before being allowed to perform.

We only provide a catering or holding kitchen, NOT a commercial kitchen. There is neither a stove nor oven onsite. No fryers. No burners. No grill. Our warming oven is a cabinet appliance, and keeps already hot food hot. Cold food can not be reheated at Magnolia Bend other than in a small commercial microwave.

We have a very small kitchen. All food must be pre-prepared or pre-cooked and ready to serve when arriving. Please bring food in full size (preferable disposable) 21x13 foil pans. We have the capability of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. NO PREP SPACE. Holding kitchen only. WE DO NOT PREPARE FOOD, DRINKS, BUFFET SPREAD IN ANY FORM OR FASHION. We only prepare bar items, and supply buffet wares.

We provide 6 rectangle French Chaffers, 2 round liquid chaffers, a very large salad bowl, tongs and serving spoons, and a variety of baskets and platters. No small wares. Examples of small wares would be decanters for dressings, small bowls for dips or sauces, etc.

We do not provide dining bowls for gumbo or soup, dining spoons, cake plates, or cake forks.

We do provide real dinner plates, drink ware, barware, rolled silverware.

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