Modern Elopement

Any wedding event taking place on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (or other agreed upon day of the week in special circumstances) will need to follow all policies and procedures listed previously.

The fee amount will be
$2000.00 (MWF) and $4000 (Sun, special circumstances) for use of Magnolia Bend Chapel and Ballroom, single day only.

Included in the cost are use of the building and furniture for one day and one day only, table linens.

Not included are dining ware (plates, silverware, glassware). You will need to provide all disposable dishes. You are welcome to our silver French Chafers and glass drink dispensers.

For this price, we do not include a full staff, setup, or cleanup, but do include one MB representative to assist.

Setup- No tables and chairs are to be dragged across the floor. Round dining tables are light and easily rolled on their edges to desired location. They need to be locked into place. Large brown turned leg English buffet tables can be moved by lifting and require 2 healthy adults. A staff person or point-of-contact will be there to assist for any questions or suggestions.

Saturday brides have access to the building beginning first thing Thursday morning, so if you book us for a Wednesday evening, building must be "move in ready" when you leave Wednesday night. We will not allow next day to gather personal items.

Alcohol for a weekday is strongly suggested to be minimal and not require a bartender. Suggestions are premade mimosas or mimosa bar, or self serve singles out of an ice bath. All alcohol must be discussed with MB, because a bartender MAY be a requirement with an additional $100 bartender fee. A DJ is not necessary, but a playlist encouraged Equipment must be provided by client. All festivities must be concluded by 6pm unless otherwise discussed. This is an alternative to a traditional wedding, incorporating all the important aspects: ceremony, photographs, dinner, toasts, cake, first dance as a couple, speeches, etc; not simply a smaller version of a huge wedding with less people. Please keep that in mind during your planning, and keep MB informed. We want the best day for you possible.


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