Please reread your contract for complete list. This is a short list of the most forgotten ones and some that have recently come into effect.

  • No holes in walls while decorating. Please use Command Strips correctly.
  • Do not drag furniture across floor for any reason. Lift tables and chairs to move. No exceptions ever. MUST LIFT.
  • No confetti WHATSOEVER (exception being LIVE florals or water soluble. Just being biodegradable is not enough). We will not allow you to use them. Please check with us before purchasing.
  • No live petals to be tossed on the ground inside ballroom. When stepped on, it creates an oil that stains. Example would be an indoor ceremony with flower girl petals. These must be faux.
  • Pampas grass needs to be sprayed with hairspray before using indoors. And sprayed again. We prefer faux, and it can be purchased on our Amazon storefront. We will allow real, but please be aware that fresh cut pampas typically has bugs and looks like dust EVERYWHERE indoors. Please consider the real pampas for outdoor use only, and on white tablecloths.
  • Tapered candlesticks must have a catch base, and are not allowed on tables AT ALL if you are using our linens, unless completely enclosed.
  • We do not allow fake petals on grounds or in Chapel, unless the family agrees to pick them up immediately after ceremony. They are scattered by the wind, not biodegradable, and are essentially litter. Real petals in the chapel are eco friendly and preferred. Etsy has many options, and often floral shops or grocery stores give old, wilted blooms away for free when unsold. Please see our Amazon storefront for suggestions.
  • No kegs. (Unless a beer tap trailer is rented, such as though Southbound Spirits) Without a kegerator, temps can not be maintained, they turn to all foam, and it's a waste of money and space behind bar. We do not allow trashcan kegs. Cans only. No beer bottles. No 2 liters of Coke. Just cans.
  • CIGARETTES and beer cans are not to be tossed around property for any reason. We provide large trashcans, as well as live bussers to help with trash, and bronze butt cans in multiple locations on deck. Finding this thrown around property is infuriating and EXTREMELY tacky. It's garbage. ENTIRE DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED IF THIS IS EXCESSIVE. I decide what is excessive. Grounds are cleaned up two separate times before each and every event.

  • Chewed gum stuck to the bottom of our furniture or found by expensive shoes is vile. Please keep that in mind regarding children and guests. NO GUM on grounds
  • Dip spit on the ground. This is not the place. If you must use chewing tobacco, use a cup, and throw away immediately. No one else should have to pick that up.
  • Children should not run around wild on the property unsupervised. Large areas are pitch black at night and we are not responsible for injuries. I am a parent, and I will go into Mom mode if I see kids behaving dangerously. No apologies. I care about your kids as well as my property.
  • Rehearsals should be kept to a minimum head count. ONLY those participating IN wedding should be present. Traditionally, significant others and out of town guests are invited to the offsite rehearsal dinner afterwards.
  • Advice: keep your rehearsal guest list small. Too many chiefs and unsolicited advice can make things unnecessarily complicated and stressful to The Bride. Our clients are The Bride and Groom, regardless of who paid for event space.
  • Rehearsal dinners are to be off site. Some recommendations are Southern Creations, The Tudor Room at The Diamond Grill, The Levee in the Downtown Holiday Inn, and Buckets Seafood. No exceptions.
  • We do not allow BYOB for guests. Any alcohol brought into wedding reception should be client-provided, and given to bartender. We can not safely control the amount of alcohol served when someone is irresponsibly filling their cup from whatever they have in the parking lot. Guest will be asked to leave. Use common sense. No ice chests on wheels. No kegs, no glass beer bottles. No self-serve at the dining table. That is absurd. Aluminum cans only. No parking lot parties. It's tacky and disrespectful to both the venue and the Bride and Groom.
  • During reception, guests should NOT be going in and out of the kitchen unless they are a part of the food service team. Guests will very politely be asked to leave the food service area. They do not need ice. The bartender has ice, and 2 bar backs to bring it to her.
  • Parking- There are 2 parking areas on the property. One is the parking lot near the road. 40 vehicles fit when people park correctly. If you park too far from another vehicle, essentially taking up 2 valuable parking spots, you or your guests will be asked to re-park. The other area is to the immediate left of circle drive when facing the building. We can get 15 cars here. Headlights into tree line. Not parallel, not diagonal, just straight. Will provide a visual aid if needed. Another area is parallel to parking lot, for which an officer and staff will assist. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PARK INSIDE THE CIRCLE DRIVE ON THE GRASS, or on the circle drive. It is for pickup, drop off, and exit only.
  • In the event of rain, The Chapel is still sufficient. We do not allow indoor ceremonies when the guest count is more than 50 people unless it is torrential downpour. Please see Jenna to cover specifics.
  • We reserve the right to change any floor plan as we see fit. The flow of the room works best when 8-10 round tables are used indoors (Seating for 80-100 chairs), and outside space is completely utilized, which is seating for 80-120. Cramming tables indoors just because "my crowd does not like it outside" or "it's hot" or "it's cold" will not work for us. We must be able to get around tables safely and efficiently in order to bus them, while all chairs are pulled out and occupied. In most cases we can provide suggested floor charts, but are open to suggestion, and we try very hard to be flexible, understanding, and agreeable. The bar door must never be blocked, no tables in front of the front doors, no tables too close to the fireplace, etc.
  • We are a "no shot" bar. We do not serve shots. In the event that we have to clean up bodily fluids, entire $500 damage deposit is forfeited, and we reserve the right to cut bar patrons off. A celebratory shot between groomsmen, entire bridal party, or groom with Father for photographic purposes is the only exception. We do not serve doubles and triples.
  • The bar should be quick serve. We do not encourage bar fruit, garnishments, or complicated decorative elements in drinks due to being outdoors and the inability to keep things to a safe temperature. Also, it slows the bar down. Complicated bar drinks will likely be batched for a dispenser available to bartender. We are happy to accommodate. Only 1 rented daiquiri machine per event. They pull too much power from the outlets, and risk tripping.
  • The outdoor space is a quiet, relaxing departure from the rowdy party indoors, and not a night club. Extra rowdy and unmanageable guests will be politely asked to quiet down once, and very discreetly as not to cause embarrassment. We don't want to ruin someone's good time. A second time however, and they may be asked to leave.
  • Barbaric behavior is frowned upon. Urinating off deck, jumping on tables, revving pipes in parking lot as if it were a mating call, yelling at people from building TO parking lot after dark, crushing beer cans on ones forehead, turkey calling, attempting to swat at lights, as well as other acts of total ignorance will, in most cases, not be tolerated. I will not allow your guests to disrespect our property and neighbors, nor will I allow them to cheapen your beautiful day.
  • Please keep the woohoo girls and woohoo boys in check. Please check with Jenna if you are unfamiliar with woohoo girls and boys. Lol. They are in every group. :-)

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