Wedding Events in the Pineville/Alexandria, LA area

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Check out our full-service wedding venue that Pineville, LA

If you're looking for a full-service wedding venue, we have just what you need. Magnolia Bend provides three-day event access to our venue in Pineville, LA and a full staff to assist with the event. We also offer spacious rooms so you can take all the time you need to get ready for your special day. Our team will do everything we can to make your dream wedding come true.

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We'll cover all the details

Our full-service wedding venue not only features a deluxe ceremony facility, but also incorporates other amenities into our package. When you sign on with us, you can take advantage of our:

  • Stylish dishware
  • Linen collection
  • Serving staff

When you book our open-air wedding venue, you can also use whatever catering, drink and DJ services you want. Get in touch with our event planner for details.